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Ty'Rion Denson (School Undecided/Orlando, Fl) 2021 6'5 PF/C

Ty'Rion Denson aka "Baby Escalade" is a kid that you look at and figure he's probably going to bang in the post and try to overpower you, and that would be correct. His intimidating size and grown man strength makes him a force most opponents just can't handle. However, if you're thinking that's all Ty'Rion brings to the table you're sadly mistaken. The big fella has the handles most guards wish they had and he's probably more shifty and agile than most of them too. This young man is a mismatch nightmare. Too big and strong for wings, and too agile of a ball-handler for bigs. We can't wait to see the Ty'Rion Denson show again at the SE All-Freshman Invitational October 14-15th in Raleigh, NC.



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