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Marquise Rice (Team Wall/Roger Herr Middle/Creedmoor, NC) 2022 6'5 SG

One of the few 8th graders in attendance, Marquise Rice, had the intensity of a man(child) on a mission. Not only did this young fella come in and prove he belongs in the camp, he walked away an SEAFI Allstar and ultimately a contender for showcase MVP. Marquise's motor separated him from most of the pack from game one. He ran the floor with and without the ball on both ends of the floor, racking up an abundance of rebounds and putbacks simply by outworking his opponents. He made going coast to coast look too easy, as he not only initiated contact but played through it to finish. Playing this past summer with Team Wall 16U has brought physicality and a no fear attitude to a youngster that is already naturally gifted. College coaches need not wait on this one, he's recruiting ready and either you start courting him now or struggling to defend him in the future.



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