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Breon Pass (Carolina Legends/Reidsville HS/Reidsville, NC) 5'11 CG 2021

Updated: Jan 14, 2018

Breon Pass proved to have one of the smoothest jumpshots of anyone in a super competitive 2021 class. Not able to make day 1, Breon didn't force the action on day 2, instead electing to patiently await space that allowed him to be a sniper from beyond the arc. His deadly jumper left defenders no other option other than to come out and respect him from the three-point line. Breon used that to his advantage, methodically attacking the rim when the chance presented itself. His play at the SE All-Freshman Invitational earned him a spot in the Top 40 All-Star game. With Breon's overall feel for the game, skillset, and silky smooth jumpshot, we are expecting this multiple-sport athlete to have a very strong freshman season.



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