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TJ Lowery (Simply Fundamental/River City HS/Sacramento, CA) 2020 6’1 PG

There’s only one way we can accurately describe the Vegas Elite Invitational performance of Simply Fundamental’s TJ Lowery, super smooth. This junior point guard is not flashy in the least bit but is efficient and an effective key factor if you want to defeat this loaded squad. We really like the fact he’s very unselfish and looks to make the right basketball play instead of stack his numbers. However make no mistake about it, TJ Lowery is a natural born scorer and can do so in bunches. Possessing a lethal step-back and a quick release pull-up, TJ can not be left open anywhere on the floor and must be accounted for at all times. While checking out some of the high major players on this team, pay close attention to this running under the radar young man. 



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