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Ali’a Matavao (All Vegas 14U/Silvestri Jr. HS/Las Vegas, NV) 2023 5’10 SF

Updated: May 16, 2019

The coach of All Vegas stopped us and said we need to watch the young girl playing both 14U & 17U, “She’s special”. After watching Ali’a Matavao we couldn’t agree more, this girl can flat out go. She has the size to bully smaller guards and the quickness and handles to blow by opponents her size. Ali’a sees the floor exceptionally well and can deliver precise passes others did not even see were open. With a strong early skillset and the understanding of her position and where her teammates are located, Ali’a can play a court savvy point guard position as well. I highly suggest Las Vegas and surrounding regions make a note to take a look at this young lady. 



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