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Silke Milliman (Northfield Mt. Hermon/Gill, MA) 2019 6’2 F

Updated: Jan 31, 2018

Silke Milliman is the X-factor for NMH and it was evident at the Say Yes To Success Elite Prep Showcase. When she played well her squad responded well. She was a handful in the paint because she does so many of the little things that matter, like boxing out instead of just going for the rebound and getting great inside position before asking for the ball in the post. Her style of play can be physical at times down low but she has such an array of finishes the physicality is not always needed. Also worth noting is she’s a great post defender. However, what really makes Silke such a promising prospect is her ability to step out and drop long jumpers, which she is quite accurate. #WeInTheGym #WeSeeYou #SayYesToSuccess



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