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Reychel Douglas (Carolina Dream) 2023 5’10 G/F -

Updated: May 14, 2018

From Reychel Douglas’ first appearance in the Hot 100 Girls two years ago to walking away the 2018 MVP, this young lady has proven time and time again she is special. Already blessed with a college level physique, Reychel is the total package with a spirit that forces her to compete at a high level from start to finish. She sees the floor very well and can put the ball on the floor, push it coast to coast, and finish in traffic. Reychel maximizes rebounds by knowing how to position her body for the board to get easy putbacks or because she sees the floor so well she can deliver quick outlet passes to leaking guards. Really noticeable was Reychel’s work on her jumper, from the long range to the picture perfect turnaround, the jumpers were falling. We understand you can’t trust everything you hear but for this one you can believe the hype, she’s real... #Hot100Girls #GetMeRecruited



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