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Kristynn Knight (East Millbrook Middle/Raleigh, NC) 2022 5’3 G -

There’s many things to love about Kristynn Knight, but if we had to choose one it would have to be her competitiveness. The scrappy lefty who is a very vocal floor general kickstarts the offense when the rock is in her hand. She’s either knocking down the three, or using one of the most lethal crossovers in NC to break down the defensive opposition on her way to the rim, where Kristynn has the eye to drop dimes and the toughness to complete and-1s. But it’s the fight in her and the will to win that motivates her. She competes at a high level on both ends of the ball which becomes infectious to her teammates. Be on the lookout for this new kid on the block because she has that “it” factor. #Hot100 #GetMeRecruited



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