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Marcus Johnson (St. Michaels/Cleveland, OH) 2026 5’3 PG

Although we’re not in the habit of watching the really young kids, this young man’s hard work was obvious and he deserves some shine. His dad, Sonny Johnson Sr. is a Mr. Basketball Ohio recipient, and his older brother, freshman point guard Sonny Johnson Jr., already holds almost a dozen D-1 offers, so it’s no wonder the younger Marcus Johnson is an eye-catching prospect in his own right. With a packed court side of his highlight video fans watching, Marcus lived up to the hype for the other campers looking to get a glimpse of the little phenom. This shifty and super quick lefty point guard attacked the rim with a ridiculous change of pace and crossover. He saw the floor well and has learned how to deliver precise passes without broadcasting his intentions, many times his teammates were even surprised to receive the pass. And when this kid gets hot he literally can drop it from anywhere pass half-court. Marcus Johnson has a long way to go to uphold the family name but he’s definitely off to a great start. 



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