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Jalen Griffith (Ariel Community Academy/Chicago, IL) 2023 5’7 PG

If we had to choose one player who impressed us the most at the NEO Youth Elite Showcase it would unanimously be Jalen Griffith. This kid is smoother than the other side of the pillow. Jalen has crowd-pleasing handles that are only surpassed by his exceptional court vision and delivery of perfectly executed passes. In transition the defense didn’t know whether he would go hard in the paint or make a no-look behind-the-back assist. But not only was Mr. Griffith unstoppable on defense, but he was the shutdown master who caused turnover after turnover with his quick hands and ability to time when to poke the ball away. Coming all the way from Chicago, Jalen made the best of his trip to Cleveland, earning a 7th grade Allstar position and grabbing trophies for Best Passer, Best Defense, and Best Hustle. Enough said.... #WeInTheGym #WeSeeYou #GetMeRecruited



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