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Imani Lester (North Raleigh Christian Academy/Raleigh, NC) 2022 6'3 C

Imani Lester has continued to grow tremendously, even in the past 6 months. She is a major piece for her Carolina Flames 17U EYBL team, and this big can just about do it all.  Although Imani’s position is listed as a center, it really should be listed as a point-center. Not only can she bring the ball up the court but she also has good court vision, which assisted in getting her teammates involved. Imani has great defensive positioning around the basket and deflected or blocked many shots. She has great body control and is a high percentage free throw shooter. What impressed us the most this weekend was her growth in leadership. She was so much more vocal and showed how high her IQ is. There’s not many college coaches in the region who don’t already know the name Imani Lester, but there’s plenty more nationally about to join the party. 



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