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Gabriel Wuor (Simply Fundamental/Trinity International School/Las Vegas, NV) 2020 7’1 C

Although Gabriel Wuor doesn’t have the skillset of a Thon Maker, we actually had a chance to see Thon before the skill work was implemented and this kid definitely puts you in the mind of him. The feature that should make Gabriel a hot commodity is his work ethic and timing on his shot-blocking. He literally blocked or swatted at every shot taken in the paint. His defensive presence was a big factor in the game as opponents started throwing up floaters in fear of Gabriel throwing it in the stands. He is a constant lob threat and runs the floor like a gazelle. Without the jumper and handle of Thon Maker you have the defensive monster Gabriel Wuor. Only a few schools have pulled the trigger so far but we guarantee that will have changed by the end of the summer. 



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