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Breon Pass (Reidsville HS/Reidsville, NC) 2021 5'11 G

Every time we see Hot 100 & SE All-Freshman Allstar Breon Pass he gives us something we have to report. Despite his youth, he’s a textbook player that's not going to crumble under pressure. We don't run across too many freshman guards on varsity teams that a coach can trust in crucial moments, but Breon is an exception. One thing that sets him apart from his peers is the fact he knows he doesn't have to score to make his presence felt on the court. What we have always loved about Breon is the way he keeps his composure and his body language never changes when calls don’t quite go his way. Ranked #10 in GMR’s NC class of 2021, Breon Pass is a name you will be hearing often in that class discussions. #WeInTheGym #WeSeeYou #GetMeRecruited



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