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Zy'aire Hairston

Marrisa Coleman/Clinton, MD 2022 b'2 CC - Zy'aire was simply uncontrollable and unpredictable. Her ability to cross up defenders not once, but several times to get to the basket was very advanced. As a 7th grader, her control of so many dribbling combos, from a low v-dribble straight into behind the back dribbles, were extremely impressive. Not only did this young lady have handles, she knew when to attack the rim and when to retreat to avoid a trap on the wing. Zy'aire was also willing to share the ball-on slashes to the basket, displaying a high IQ while drawing defenders for the kick out to a wing for the score. Very aggressive on defense as well, she was an active defender usually getting a hand on weak passes. In an emotional game that went into overtime, her intense demeanor on the court on pause, she kept her cool and calmly under pressure sank vital free throws.


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