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Tarik Watson (NY Dragons/The Patrick School/Newark, NJ) 2024 6’6 PF

The 2019 NYBL Finals was loaded with talented big men. When you find a prospect a year younger than other elite players and still standing out as far as skillset and stature, then you know you’re on the trail of a gem. Tarik Watson was an absolute workhorse on the glass and did an excellent job of battling for rebounds in his area. His strong body made it tough for others to box him out and when the ball came off the rim Tarik was there to snatch it out the air. When opposing guards made their way into the lane they were in for a rude awakening as Tarik met them at the basket. This young man will be one of five select 2024 prospects nationwide receiving an invitation to this year’s Fresh Outta Middle School Showcase October13-14th in Raleigh, NC. 



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