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Nicole Melious (Hoopers NY 15U/St. Teresa School/Staten Island, NY) 2023 5’6 G

One of the highlights for GetMeRecruited attending the Deep SouthClassic this year was getting to lay eyes on the highly touted Nicole “Doc” Melious. One of the immediate things we noticed was Nicole has a very good basketball IQ. She was patient and picked her spots in the defense carefully, creating space and double team situations which allowed her to use outstanding court vision to find teammates and keep them involved. But when the game was close in the second half and it was her time to take over Nicole did just that. With the shake n’ back and step-back she hit from multiple spots on the floor in her arsenal, Doc went on a scoring frenzy to put her team comfortably ahead for good. Make no mistake about it, Nicole Melious is as advertised and her ceiling is extremely high. 



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