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Jordin Farrell (Crescent City Christian HS/New Orleans, LA) 2020 6’0 CG

Every so often we run across a kid at an event that has been flying under the radar but is a big time player, Jordin Farrell is that sleeper. He’s not flashy or cocky but he is fundamental, consistent, and poised. When his team is desperate for a bucket Jordin goes to the rim hard looking for the contact or uses his quickness and shiftiness to throw defenders off balance before stopping on a dime and connecting with the midrange pull-up. Probably the most impressive aspect of Jordin’s performance is that he possesses a killer instinct that only few are inbred with, ala Kobe Bryant for example. Just remember we told you when you either get this one on your roster or face him on your scouting report



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