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Jakob Hester (Team Speights Elite/Anclote HS/Holiday, FL) 2020 6’7 PF

Jakob Hester was the unstoppable force for Team Speights Elite. This kid played on a different level than most of the other players at the AlwaysLive Exposure Hoopfest in New Orleans. His opponents had no answer for his penetration to the rim, he looked to draw contact and used his body very well. He used some very impressive finishing moves, like the throwback sky hook and the reverse layup. When the lane was taken away Jakob made them pay as the lefty drained it from the perimeter. But Jakob’s biggest attribute was his work ethic. He was an absolute workhorse on the glass, especially on the offensive end where he gave his team numerous second chance opportunities. Jakob Hester should not be overlooked or undervalued, this kid is a game-changer. 



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