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Jada McMillian (SE Raleigh HS/Raleigh, NC) 2018 5'8 G

Super 60 Showdown two-time 1st Team Allstar Jada McMillian, and UNC Charlotte signee, is the calm durning the storm for the SE Raleigh HS Lady Bulldogs. When things got rough for them during the John Wall Holiday Invitational, it was her maturity and experience at the point guard spot that kept her squad intact. Jada simply looked like she has been on the big stage before and wasn't rattled at all by the pressure she faced. She’s a true point guard that, while not very vocal, will lead by her court demeanor. One of the smoothest point guards you will ever come across, this silent killer will look to assassinate the dreams of any teams standing in the way of SE Raleigh’s run back to the state championship. #WeInTheGym #WeSeeYou #GetMeRecruited



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