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Indya Nivar (Carolina Flames EYBL/Apex Friendship HS/Apex, NC) 2022 5’9 G

Just making the roster on a loaded 17U Carolina Flames EYBL squad is a big feat for any freshman, only thing is Indya Nivar is not just any freshman. One of the most athletic players in the gym and highly competitive by nature, when Indya came off the bench you never saw a drop off. She’s really good in three things; getting to the rim and finishing, knocking down the jumper midrange extended, and locking up opponents. But it was two plays that stood out to us at the GetMeRecruited/LBI Season Tip-Off that solidified how special she is. One in offensive transition where she finished with a behind the back reverse layup and the other was in defensive transition when she chased down a player to snatch the ball out of the air and start her own break. There’s a reason Indya Nivar is slated as the best freshman in NC and this summer everyone will catch on why. 



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