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Reychel Douglas (Team Lady Wall/Leesville Road Middle/Raleigh, NC) 2023 5’10 G/F

The youngest prospect in the SE All-Freshman Invitational was 2017 Hot 100 Middle School Showcase Jr. Division MVP Reychel Douglas. We know you may be thinking having a 7th grader in a 9th grade only event must have diminished the high talent level, but you’re sadly mistaken because it actually enhanced it. Reychel is naturally talented, skilled, and mature for her age. She not only fit in with the upperclassmen, but it was apparent she was one of the better players on the floor. Versatile enough to play all 5 positions, she blocked shots, completed athletic finishes at the rim, and knocked down the mid-range with consistency. Reychel earned her way into the SE All-Freshman Invitational record books as not only the youngest to receive an invitation but also the youngest to be voted as a 1st Team Allstar.



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