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Redford Dunton - (Carolina Legends/Heritage HS/Wake Forest, NC) 2021 6’5 SG/SF

One of the most skilled and athletic kids at the SE All-Freshman Invitational was no other than “Red” Dunton. Anyone following North Carolina’s future of hoops should have heard by now of the fluffy haired kid with the hops and jumper in his arsenal. Because of his building reputation, Red knew coming in he would be challenged from some of the best in the region so he made a point to make his presence felt every time he stepped on the floor. Although he doesn’t have a quick release, he used his height and length to get off his jumper, which is quite accurate, over smaller wings. Red was also very effective in transition, applying his athleticism to some pretty nifty finishes at the rim. Not only did the 2017 Hot 100 Middle School Showcase MVP finish as a SEAFI 1st Team All-Showcase selection, but he also made a strong case as top contender in a strong 2021 North Carolina class.



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