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Mallorie Haines (Lady Team Charlotte/Bandys HS/Catawba, NC) 2021 5’9 SG

Updated: Jan 14, 2018

If there’s one player that took the SE All-Freshman Invitational by storm it was Mallorie Haines. Coming from a small school, Bandys HS, she came in relatively unknown. She left however, with a load of hardwood and on every writer’s notepad in the building. She’s as tough as nails and has a very high IQ for the game. But make no mistake about it, there’s one thing everyone in the gym knew Mallorie did very well, and that’s shoot lights out. She dropped 3-ball after 3-ball when she single-handedly took over several games, including the Allstar Game. In fact, not only did Mallorie beat out the girls AND boys in the 3-pt contest, but she managed to do something we’ve never had done before; leave with the 3-pt Championship AND the MVP. It need not be said the colleges better visit this young lady very soon!



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